Wayne County Historical Museum

You are welcome to the John District Historical past Art gallery

Our museum is a unique display of Wayne County and world culture. Our founder, Julia Meek Gaar, brought back items she had traveled around the world many times and shared them with the children in Wayne County. From Egyptian mummies to artifacts from Europe, Japan and the Middle East and beyond, your Wayne County History Museum can take you to many times and places. As the first curator of the museum, the objects collected by Mrs. Gall interpret the long history of Wayne County and establish an important connection between Wayne County and the entire world. The museum consists of eight buildings on a compact site, and is a unique treasure house of Wayne County from the life of early pioneers to the industrial revolution to modern history.The museum is located in the well-preserved former Hicksite Meeting House on the National Register of Historic Places. We are located in the historic district of Stahl, which can be easily reached by tourists.