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Sarda – Sarda is a great sage who, though his role as such isn’t made clear until the final story arc, is arguably the main villain of the story . He would have been the creator of the universe, but he sent White Mage into the past where she inadvertently usurped the role from him. He is actually “Onion Kid”, an orphan who had his family and several foster families killed due to the actions of Black Mage. Twisted by hatred and vengeance, Sarda sends his young self into the past and trained for years to become the most powerful wizard alive and as Black Mage puts it “an omnipotent jackass” who rewrites reality for his own amusement. Sarda explains himself to be the grown-up version of a child that suffered great harm as a result of the Light Warrior’s actions around the world.

The comic was part of the Create a Comic Project, in which versions of the comic with dialog removed were provided to allow students to write their own, encouraging writing and creativity skills. An expansion pack for the board game Bargain Quest was released in 2019, based on characters and items from 8-Bit Theater. Matthew Pardue reviewed 8-Bit Theater for the University of North Georgia’s University Press blog. Upon presenting the final orb to Sarda, he dismissively orders the Light Warriors to return to the Temple of Fiends, where they find that the Dark Warriors have made the temple their base of operations.

The success of 8-Bit Theater and another sprite comic Bob and George, along with their ease of creation, led to hundreds of other sprite comics. One list of sprite comics identified over 1,200 sprite comics as of 2004. Returning to the task of retrieving the elemental orbs, the Light Warriors travel to the cities of Gaia and Onrac and use a submarine provided by Sarda to reach the Sea Shrine, where they meet the Doom Cultists a second time. After defeating them, they accidentally summon the third Fiend, Ur .

Thus they end up causing more trouble than they stop, usually doing heroic deeds by sheer accident. The comic concluded June 1st, 2010, with a total of 1,225 strips over a course of more than nine years. Today it is one of the most popular sprite-based webcomics on the internet. There’s also a motion comic series on youtube, 8-Bit Theater Chaos, which is currently sitting happy at 52 episodes and six seasons, with consistent improvement as it goes on.

Sarda the Sage — An omnipotent wizard who forces the Light Warriors to retrieve the four elemental orbs. He claims to be “The Wizard Who Did It” and uses his powers in an immensely irresponsible and careless manner. These are third party technologies used for things like interest based Etsy ads.