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At one thousand two hundred and twenty five strips 8-bit theater ended in 2010 giving it a ten year run. In this time it provided us with fun, puns, artfully broken logic, ultra super fine print, a really long ending arc, and what may be the longest brick joke in history. Seriously, Clevinger set it up in the seventh strip and delivered in 1221.

He also cannot read or count, and is only slightly smarter than Fighter. Prince of the Khee’Bler clan of Elves – Thief is the self-proclaimed leader of the Light Warriors through a contract he lured Fighter to signing, and the prince of the Khee’Bler clan of Elves in Elfland. He uses a series of shady legal contracts to dupe people out of their money, and otherwise steals everything that “isn’t nailed down and on fire.” Like most other elves, he considers all humans to be filthy barbarians whose inferiority to elves is self-evident. He class-changes to a Ninja by stealing the ability from his future self. Most sprites are taken from the NES sprites of Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy III, but other, more detailed sprites are used on occasion. Many sprites used are modified due to copyright issues, and to incorporate a greater degree of expression and movement on the characters.

On one hand, I can see where Squenix might take issue with a published version of the comic. We’re talking about a comic that tells the story of the original Final Fantasy by using assets from said game. The copyright reason is the primary reason the comic won’t see print, yes. But Clevinger himself said that because of the dpi issue, “even if we could print them we can’t print them” . The fear that someone somewhere might make a single cent that is rightly yours, even if you completely abandoned the IP for a really long time. But it’s also a little sad and a lot irritating that something as transformative as this comic, still very much in demand by the public, cannot be produced the way it should in book form simply out of fear of being sued for copyright infringement.

And along the way, he sends White Mage to the beginning of time to keep her out of the way, where she creates the universe. The Real Light Warriors, a party who is supposed to be the actual destined Light Warriors but Missed the Call due to the main characters having taken the position while they were busy Level Grinding. Every so often we see them just a few steps behind the protagonists or having their lives made miserable due to their actions.

Due to a mishearing, Matoya instead gave Fighter her “Armoire of Invincibility”, which he proceeded to carry for a time until the weight became too much and he was crushed by it. To be fair, Clevinger also stated that the comic pages are only 72dpi, when you’d want at least 300dpi for print. Now, to be clear, Square Enix didn’t seem to have any problem with the web comic being produced to begin with. But it seems clear that no deal was worked out with the company to allow this physical book to be published using the images from the comic. And, as the Kickstarter results indicate, this is a book people very much want. Unfortunately, they very much won’t get it in its original form, due to fear of copyright reprisal.

That’s not even because it was super amazing, though it was pretty good. Most of the story felt like an unending series of tangents meant to draw the warriors of light off course with occasional pushes from their mentor/penultimate enemy to get them back on track. Digression ad nauseam for any one else, yet Fighter, Black Mage, Thief, and Red Mage made it work. I think a large part of their appeal is that they rarely fought the insanity around them but rather tried to capitalize on it. But even if copyright weren’t an issue, getting the comic ready for print would require a level of work that nobody should want Brian Clevinger to do.