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Nuklear Power » 8

Vilbert is meanwhile recruited as the fourth Dark Warrior. White Mage takes the Light Warriors to see Sarda the sage, who tells them to find the other three orbs and return them to him. The Light Warriors enter a volcano to confront the second Fiend, Kary, who kills Black Belt before being killed and sent to Hell with Lich. He constantly demands to be called “The Claw” despite having both hands, and cannot swim.

Since then they’ve always been one step behind the heroes, having been condemned to die in Elfland, and then rejected as The Bearded Warriors in Dwarfville because their facial hair was too short. Recently, the Light Warriors stole their boat, leaving them stranded on a lifeless ice sheet. Thief, Clan Khee’Bler – A diabolically skilled thief/lawyer who was formerly known as Prince of Elfland, Thief secretly left his kingdom in order to raise money for a cure for his comatose father (as opposed to the game, where Elfland’s Prince is the one in the coma). He mainly did this by stealing anything and everything around him and pawning it off. He also maneuvered Fighter into signing a binding contract over the then-forming Light Warriors, making Thief a member and the permanent group leader, and entitling him to first dibs of everything the group discovered, especially treasure .

Black Mage Evilwizardington – Black Mage is an old colleague of Fighter’s, but despises him. He openly admits he is an evil mass murderering psychopath and hates his allies, and constantly tries to kill them or ally with the villains for power. He is shown to have an intense lust for White Mage, and as such, he frequently tries to attract her, with each and every time failing, much to his dismay.

He then returned to Earth to rejoin the group, annul the contracts Thief had over him, and destroy his body so he could not lose his power. However, Lich, having been dragged into Hell by Black Mage, repaired everyone’s spines (including BM’s, causing him to return to life) and took control, with the parting message “Death is but a doorway, time is but a window, I’ll be back.”. Once BM realized what happened, this led to the only instance of the f-word in the comic’s archives. Black Mage’s most powerful attack, the level 9 “hadoken”, is usable once a day and is powered by love; specifically, it drains love from the universe when used; Black Mage claims the divorce rates shoot up with every Hadoken cast.

Matt Speroni ad-libbed nearly all of the visual jokes in the epilogue, as he was given only a basic script to work from. According to Speroni, he wanted to include those small touches as a fan of the work since nearly the beginning and was honored he was able to do the comic as a fan, for the fans. However, Garland is a genuinely good person who needs to be coached by Sarah on how to be a proper villain. The Light Warriors travel to the temple, and eventually Garland is defeated by White Mage’s bodyguard Black Belt.

On the other hand, the comic is a loving parody of the original game and the RPG genre in general. Any company worth a damn could at least take a hands-off approach to dealing with it . I’ve seen you aggressively argue stances on everything from the First Amendment to the Senate to US v Microsoft that demonstrate you’re not only completely pig-ignorant of even basic facts about those subjects, but not at all interested in listening to people who know more than you do. Square Enix gave up caring about game quality quite a few years ago and every single employee left for greener pastures, where generic fantasy 29.4 isn’t the go-to method. With so many things competing for everyone’s attention these days, we really appreciate you giving us your time. We work hard every day to put quality content out there for our community.